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Cafes and restaurants
Azeris like to eat, so no matter where you come, whether Baku or a small provincial town, everywhere find a selection of cafes and restaurants. Visiting one of the many pubs can be found with all the diversity of the Azerbaijani national and international cuisine.
To get to know the tastes of Azerbaijanis try the local kebab or one of the hundreds of species of traditional pilaf, which is a perfect combination of rice, meat, spices and dried fruit. Seafood recommend fish lavangi - stuffed with chopped nuts and onion fish. Equally good lavangi Chicken with chestnuts and prunes.
For dessert Azerbaijani tea is served in glasses Armudu (pear-shaped) with a delicious jam from walnuts, quince and rose petals.
In the capital, you will find a large selection of restaurants, not only national but also European dishes as well as pizza and fast food establishments, known world networks
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