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خدمات الترجمة الشخصية
We provide a personal interpreter for Mr. Baku. Languages ​​- Arabic, English, Russian. Our interpreters will help solve the problem of the language barrier and information for visitors to the city.

What is special about our services?

  • Individuality.

The plan, time, travel route chosen by you personally. Before beginning, we shall count the approximate duration and cost. Languages ​​- Arabic, English, Russian.

  • Cost.

Flexible cost calculation system will save you. In particular for groups and delegations provided discounts.

  • Speed.

We will save you from wasting time in traffic jams, t. To. Our translators use the subway. Baku Metro is so unique and spectacular object that it is worth a visit in any case.

  • Informative
Esli you need any additional information that our translators always carry a tablet computer loaded with more information and high-speed internet.
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Web site:
+994 55 551 55 36
+994 55 551 55 36
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