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Baku Tours
Excursion № 1 «Magic of the Old City» - 50 USD
Excursion № 2 «Baku's Architecture» - 50 USD
Excursion № 3 «Baku museum» - 115 USD
Excursion № 4 «Baku – the East pearl» - 85 USD
Excursion № 5 «Baku - evening» - 85 USD
Excursion № 6 «Christian history of Baku and Аbsheron» - 100 USD
Excursion № 7 «On Muslim relics Absheron» - 100 USD
Excursion № 8 «The Polish traces in history of Baku» - 85 USD
Excursion № 9 «The Sacred temple of fire - Ateshgah» - 55 USD
Excursion № 10 «Settlements Absheron Town» - 90 USD
Excursion № 11 «Defensive Absheron works» - 90 USD
Excursion № 12 «The Azerbaijan Pompey» - 90 USD
Excursion № 13. «Ancient heart of the country of fires» - 55 USD
Excursion № 14 «Stone books Gobustan» - 95 USD
Excursion № 15 «The Natural miracle - mud volcanoes of mountain Dashgil» - 100 USD
Baku – capital of Azerbaijan

 Baku the biggest and advanced mega city of Transcaucas where the East and the West, various cultures and the traditions giving to a city unique color intertwine. The developed infrastructure, modern hotels, business the centers, banks, restaurants, museums and theatres, and also unique historical architectural monuments involve here numerous tourists, businessmen, scientists and culture. Baku is located in a southern part of Absheron peninsula on the western coast of Caspian sea. Architectural style of buildings is presented typically east, European architectural and up-to-date constructions. Special interest is caused by an old part of a city (Icheri Sheher) which is declared by historic-architectural reserve and is included in «the List of a world heritage» UNESCO. Invaluable ancient monuments Icheri Sheher are: a legendary Maiden Tower (it is officially dated VII – XII centuries), a magnificent monument of architecture – Palace Complex Shirvanshah (XV century), fortifications (XII century), mosque Muhammed Ibni abu Bakra («Sinig Qala» 1078 – 1079), lezgi a mosque (1169), Cuma a mosque (XV – XIX centuries), caravans-sheds Multani (XV century) and Bukhara (XIV century), the market area (XVII century), baths (XV – XVII centuries). Outside of Old city many other fascinating places for tourists. It, first of all National park (Seaside parkway) where on comfortable boats it is possible to make fascinating sea walk and then to make the pedestrian walk across modern Baku. Admiration is caused by masterpieces of world architecture: a private residence of count Debura (now days museum of Arts), M.Muhtarova's palaces (the Happiness Palace) and Z.Tagieva (a museum of History of Azerbaijan), buildings of the Baku city Duma (the Mayoralty of Baku) and Ismayilliya (Hand-written Fund of Academy of sciences), Opera and ballet theatre, the Philharmonic, cinematograph "Phenomen" (Puppet theatre) …Baku, to which more than 2000 – a multinational city with the population more than 2 million persons. Along with Azerbaijanians, Russian, Jews, Lezghins, Tatars,Jewis, Ukrainians, Germans, Polishs, Greeks, Turks,Tats, Talish, Georgians, Byelorussians and representatives of other nationalities here live. The basic population of Baku adherents of Islam. Along with mosques, operate: Russian orthodox churches, the Jewish synagogues, a Catholic church, German kirche, and also are available communities: Adventists, Baptists, Krishna, Malakan and representatives of other religious directions.The Arabian both Persian historians and geographers (in written sources IX – XI centuries), mentioning Baku, connected it first of all with oil fountains. Since 70th years of XIX century its industrial extraction begins and to beginning ХХ of century almost half of world's reserves of oil is extracted in Baku. Here, in 1848, the first-ever oil well, and still earlier, in the early twenties, has been drilled by the Polish engineer P.Pototskim for the first time in world practice the oil recovery project on the sea has been carried out. The Baku oil is extracted in old trade areas of a city which together with the remote housing estates located on Absheron peninsula make «The Big Baku». «The Big Baku» it, first of all a city and its numerous suburban settlements: Buzovna, Merdekan Shuvalan,Nardran, Amiracan,Mashtaga, Qala, Surahanli,Ramani, Bilge, Turkan, Balahanli,Sabuncu, Guzdek, Pirshaga, Shagan, Govsan, Zagulba, Zirya,Shihov and others.
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